Blog 27th November 2019

Hello there, really need to try and keep these up. Since our last blog a lot has happened, we got some positive feed back from potential Customers at the food showcase in the Culloden a couple of weeks ago. Also getting our Christmas offers out in the shops, mince pies, cakes, puddings and the like. Then also had a meeting with Micheal at Code Fixer who helps businesses with their websites. It’s all very complicated, and all about algorithms, Google ad words, broken links, and site traffic, bit different to my normal job of making & baking bread & buns. We had a great meeting on how to best promote the new website, and so there will be a bit of work on that in the new year. Now I just have to plan this Year’s Black Friday event and any wee nice things to make in the shop for the Christmas Tree light switch on this Saturday 30th November. I should be feeling more festive than I am, but will be sure to keep the Bakery Elves hard at it, those mince pies won’t make themselves!

Quick update, on Wednesday 13th of November, we were invited by Food NI and Invest NI, to showcase at the NI food Supplier showcase in the Culloden. Quite the learning curve, but brilliant at the same time. Also made some quick posters as I was running out of time to get proper things prepared with our Graphic designers. Then I realised I needed some info as to what you can make with the single bag, they aren’t just limited to the recipe I have on the bag. So what follows is a series of pictures with various ideas, from 1 bag. Recipes will follow, but just in the meantime this might give you some inspiration. Happy baking, James.

Me looking nervous.
1 Big square Wheaten, just like we make in the shop.
8 Wheaten muffins packed with seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame & linseed FIBRE POWER!)
2 Smaller Stout & Treacle Wheatens. We use Belfast Black from Whitewater Brewery in Castlwellan, can’t get much more local than that! Also tastes amazing.
1 bag of Soda mix will make, 1 massive Oven Soda, if you follow the recipe on the bag.
Or 3 smaller, Cheese and herb Tear ‘n’ Shares.
Or, Family Tea time favourite, Pizza! I got 4, 7 inch square ones out of it. Simply make the dough, roll out thin and pop in a tin (or don’t for a more rustic appearance). Delicious.
Scones now, will make 18 or so mini plain scone. Just depends on who is coming for tea, how BIG they are!
Same recipe, plus some Raspberries (frozen works best, less messy) and some white chocolate, made 12 Heart shapes ones. 💓
Then saying as Christmas is round the corner, 12 Mince Pie Crumble Scones. Simply roll the scone dough out into a thin rectangle on a well floured surface. Spread on some Brandy mincemeat, roll up like a Swiss roll, chop into 1 inch slices. Pop on their end, top with some crumble if you have some, brown sugar would also be good and bake.

7th Nov 2019

They let me out today! Every once in a while, our suppliers like to promote their range. Really important, as it gives us bakers inspiration, and different ideas with current products. Very easy to get stuck in a rut, making the same stuff over and over. Also is good to refresh your brain with the current trends, definitely convenience and snack to go are big sellers. Great also to chat to other bakery owners, so we can all grumble about the same problems!

Today I was invited to Bakels Ireland, close to Tayto Park, by technical sales rep, Martin and joined by Caffreys Bakery from Ardee. Have to say, despite the rain, I had a great visit, and have come away with some ideas, that I will try out in the bakery. Earl grey cake anyone? Sounds a bit bonkers, but was absolutely amazing.

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