Toffee Apple SconesUsing our award winning Scone mix, you can savoy the sweet side of Autumn with these toffee apple scones. Made into a swirl shape, for the look of the thing and for stronger hits of toffee and apple, but you could also make it simply by adding the apples to the mix and drizzling with toffee sauce when baked.
Halloween Frankie PizzasUsing our super easy to use and versatile Soda Bread mix, with some Spooky culinary creativity, you can make some Freaky Frankie Pizzas with your Little Monsters this Halloween.
Wheaten MixTo make you very own Cookie Jar style Wheaten Bread at home is probably as simple as bread making can be. It has been designed with convivence in mind, so a loaf of Wheaten can be whipped up with minimum hassle. So no running to the shop to try and find some buttermilk, as its all included in the mix.
Scone MixScones made at home, can be enjoyed slightly warm with butter and jam, but sometimes the hassle outweighs the benefits. We have tried to minimise the hassle so you can make your own delicious scones at home without a pile of weighing up various ingredients. To make your own batch of Cookie Jar style buttermilk scones for your next high tea, all you need is:
Soda MixQuite possibly the most versatile of all the bake at home range, can be made into a variety of breads and meals. Made to the same recipe as we use in the bakery, but it can be so much more than a Soda Farl. Designed for convenience and minimum hassle, to make the basic recipe of the Soda Bread, all you need is:

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